It’s that time of year again, the rugby and soccer seasons are starting and the 10 week period after new years resolution training regimes means you have hit the wall…

The niggles in shoulder, backs, hips, knees and ankles have started. The morning stiffness and the overhead lifting that pinches, the headaches in-front of the computer and the lower back pain when making the 10th push-up or burpee. This is the body talking to you about the stresses and strains you place on it.

A couple of helpful hints for the young athlete and the athlete at heart!

  • If you are training and moving and it hurts in a joint you are probably doing the exercise incorrectly or the joint is dysfunctional, we want that deep muscle burn with 2 day post exercise DMOS (delayed muscle onset soreness).

If you injure it remember the good old sports pneumonic;

  • PROTECT area from any more harm. Cease activity and prevent a second knock syndrome.
  • REST for 24 hour period from the activity while monitoring symptoms.
  • ICE is still a sportspersons best friend!
  • ELEVATE the joint to prevent swelling
  • MEDICAL advice, seek it out as acute management can prevent further chronic problems.

Look forward to seeing you in the clinic to treat those sports injuries and keep your season or training plan on track. Remember prevention is always better than cure.

Article written by Dr James Sklar-Chik (Chiropractor)