My sole (and soul) purpose is centred around helping people from all walks of life without any judgement and giving you the freedom to be delighted in who you already are or finding parts of yourself that seem to be but really aren’t missing or could be enhanced far beyond your expectations. Decades of working with people and being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend as well as managing large teams of people have sewn together a tapestry of empathy and insightful awareness for every person, every encounter stitching a little more of the mysterious complexities of individual energies into knowledge to best support your unique life essence.    I have had personal and professionally associated experience with a diverse range of mental health challenges and been able to support individuals and families with a heightened level of experiential understanding and empathy.

Vanessa Jarman - Hypnotherapist

Everything you need to know about me is in the question of what you want for yourself.   I don’t know and only you can know which of these things matter to you, but in caring for your needs you will be restful in knowing I have these credentials to support you:

  • A Government Accredited Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy
  • An unending passion to help you succeed at being your best self
  • The ability to work with you to overcome any ways of thinking that are impeding your success at the moment
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Experience
  • Results


Do you experience anxiety?

Are you feeling stressed?

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck?

Or maybe you just want to do things better and be more confident.

Maybe you just don’t want to be scared of things

…or the past… or the future.

Some people just want a good night’s sleep.

And some people need a little help being kinder to their health, or shake off excess body weight.

Or to take the suffering out of the pain.

Hypnotherapy taps into your unconscious and opens possibilities for a healthier, happier you. 

Hypnotherapy Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is firstly a deep sanctuary of relaxation, during the initial step of induction of trance. This relaxation in itself can have endless therapeutic benefits before we even start exploring new possibilities.

In your lovely place of comfort and calm we can then offer some hypnotic options and possibilities for new ways of thinking, that your unconscious mind will readily accept and awaken you to, or to locate skills you already have that have been tucked away and you can easily retrieve which may surprise you afterwards. During hypnosis you are able to hear everything being said to you and your mind will enjoy and utilise anything it finds valuable.

Once you are fully equipped with all of the resources it’s time to return from your relaxation, bringing with you new resources, or forgotten resources and capabilities you will now have the confidence and enjoyment to utilise in your best most serving way.

What is Hypnotherapy not?

Hypnotherapy is nothing like a stage show with a stage hypnotist so don’t worry there’s no chance of you being forced into anything or leaving having clucked like a chicken! It is permissive, relaxing and within your full control and choice of acceptance.

How long does it take?

Sessions go for 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on how long we spend in psychotherapy getting to know your presenting problem. The actual hypnosis usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes.

Is the Hypnotherapist qualified?

They hold a Government Accredited Diploma in Clinical Psycotherapy and Hypnotherapy and is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association. They are governed by the AHA Code of Ethics, Privacy, Work Health and Safety and Taxation Laws and Mandatory Reporting regulations.

Will I go "Under"?

This is a common question and whilst you may enjoy a more relaxed state than usual there is no “under” in hypnotherapy. You have complete control! Even the Hypnotherapist doesn’t know what you will choose to hear and where you choose it to take you in your mind, it is entirely at your leisure and for your best advantage. You can disregard anything you hear that doesn’t fit with your inner mind’s journey.

Have you ever been driving in your car and you arrive at your destination and realise you only vaguely recall the process of getting there? Then you’ve already been in a trance. You’ve allowed your conscious mind a little rest trusting it knows what it’s doing and allowed your unconscious a little time out getting immersed in a song or a thought or even a lovely place of mindful rest. Thrillingly, your conscious mind would always kick back in automatically if higher focus were required, and it can do the same during hypnotherapy.

For more chronic conditions, complex injuries or where pre-existing health issues determine a slower healing time, perhaps more treatment will be required.

Will it work?

Everyone who is willing to be open to hypnotherapy possibilities has the potential to enjoy a hypnotic experience and discover successful outcomes if their mind plays along. As hypnotherapy is a truly immersive experience for you it is very much a collaborative engagement between us and your mind will receive as much or as little as it decides is right which looks different for different people. Change can surpass your expectations beyond your wildest dreams or bring insights in surprising and more subtle ways. Your experience will be guided by the Hypnotherapist but defined ultimately by you.

How many sessions will I need?

Unlike other therapy modalities hypnotherapy is purposed for changing patterns from the minute you walk out of the room.

Hypnotherapy focuses not on the past or the why, but on what happens from here, and because of this it is possible to have immediate results in as little as one session, other times we might discover that what appears to be one concern is derived from a number of things that we should work on in isolation over a couple of sessions. As your therapy treatment is tailored specifically and uniquely to you we would consider and discover this together, some clients like to have ongoing regular sessions for their general wellbeing it’s very much up to you.

The objective is to see you as little as possible because it’s worked quickly! So your investment in your wellness is minimal but your results are life-changing for the better. Hypnotherapy is not a talk therapy so whilst we will have a review and psychotherapy discovery of where you’re at our time will be spent on where you will change

Who should try it?

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