Welcome to Body of Life Health Centre

Body of Life Health Centre is a provider of excellence in health services and education,
servicing the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

We exist to equip you to live your healthiest and best life. We are a multidisciplinary team of health practitioners that provide a range of services to you, your family and the local community.

Our services include Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Dry Needling, Massage, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Psychology. 

We inspire, equip, educate and support you to make the changes you need to feel your best!


As long as any individual practitioner – Osteopath, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, TCM Acupuncturist or Massage Therapist – chooses to work, stays well, has no history of contact with infected persons, no symptoms of COVID19 infection and no temperature, they can continue to see patients requiring care.

To reassure you we have escalated our already stringent hygiene routines:

  • We regularly sanitise the reception area along with the bathrooms, door handles and all our treatment rooms.
  • We sanitise the benches after every patient.
  • We have hand sanitiser in each room and at reception, we ask you to use it.
  • We have removed our linen and use disposal bed sheets and face protectors for each patient.

Please contact your practitioner individually if you have any queries as we are here to guide and help you.

Here at Body of Life we understand and are supportive of social distancing but your pain and comfort Is also our priority, which is why the Australian Government consider allied health an ‘essential’ service.  We are also proud to be in a position to support our amazing local GPs during these testing times.

We are strong supporters of all the Public Health measures that have been imposed by the Australian government and look forward to the time when everything gets back to normal and the whole world can breathe a healthy sigh of relief.


Our Location

We are located in Frenchs Forest and service the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Open 6 days.

Shop 7, 55 Sorlie Rd, Frenchs Forest 2086

Ph No (02) 9453 3046