Hi! Kristy Buist here.

Mel’s Sea Change………


When Melanie and I started Body of Life Health Centre 10 years ago, we wanted to provide the best experience for you, our clients, and over the years our amazing team have built a clinic that makes an impact on equipping you to live your healthiest and best life by providing excellent health services and education.

Together by doing what we love, we’ve been humbled to win awards and to gain recognition within our profession.

Melanie has decided to step out of the business and handover to myself and the team at Body of Life. Together with her husband and two children, they are making a sea change to the Port Macquarie region for the next chapter of their life, work and education. 

Body of Life Health Centre farewells Mel and her family. 

Message from Mel………

It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to provide osteopathic care at Body of Life Health Centre for the last 10 years. As I reflect on the business Kristy and I have developed, I am immensely proud and humbled at what we have achieved. I am so grateful for the 10 fantastic years in partnership with Kristy Buist. We have supported each other through the different stages of developing the business, building our team, raising our families and we’ve had a lot of fun working together throughout the years. It is with much gratitude that I pass on full ownership of the business to Kristy and I am absolutely confident she will lead the business forward exceptionally well. 

It has been you, my clients that have always motivated and inspired me to provide the best health services. I have loved caring for you osteopathically whilst hearing your stories, seeing your families grow, hearing of your success, heartaches and achievements over the years. I will miss you all immensely and wish you health, happiness and fulfilment for the future. 

What does this mean for you?


The same friendly faces remain with Kristy leading the team of Osteopaths, Emma Berry, Erin Martin and Alex Douglas and our Chiropractor Bryony Sullivan along with the rest of the amazing team at BOL. On the surface, you might not notice any changes, but rest assured, I will be working hard in the background, and have some great plans and I’m really excited for the future of the BOL.
This marks the end of my era with Melanie, but I will continue with our legacy that we have worked hard for, which is for Body of Life to provide excellent health services and education to the community. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

I want to thank all of our clients who have followed our journey so far, and to our amazing team here who will continue to serve you.
We wish Melanie and her family all the best for their seachange ahead.

Yours in health.

Dr Kristy Buist