In the previous article the idea of Spinal Health was introduced. Now here are 5 tips for a healthy Spine!Wooden dolls with different postures

  1.  Adopt an advantageous posture: Remember the “ideal” curves in the previous article, well we need to constantly be conscious of keeping these curves in our posture on a daily basis. Reversal of these curves is all too common and can lead to strain on the muscles and joints in the spine.
  2. Get more sleep: Sleep is a very important time for our spine. Whilst we sleep, our spine decompresses, which means the inter-vertebral discs can become well hydrated. A well-hydrated disc is key to successful spinal shock absorption.
  3. Keep active: Exercise is not only a great way to keep in shape, it also allows the joints and muscles in our body the movement they need to maintain strength and mobility.
  4. Stretch/strengthen: Begin a regular/daily stretching regime for shortened and tight muscles, whilst also spending time to strengthen/exercise the weakened muscles. This will allow for greater muscular balance, which takes undue pressure off the spine. Ask your physician to help you discern the stretching muscles from the strengthening muscles.
  5. Regular servicing: Just as a car needs regular maintenance care and oil changes, your spine requires regular check-ups to keep on top of the minor wear and tear that occurs from daily activities. Book an appointment at Body of Life Health Centre today to discuss a maintenance schedule that will suit your specific needs to ensure your spine is at its optimal health!

Article by Dr Michael Smith (Chiropractor)