Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Staying Safe and Healthy These Holidays

Staying Safe and Healthy These Holidays

Staying Safe and Healthy These Holidays – As the working year winds down and we approach the much anticipated holiday season, here are three things to keep in mind as you are enjoying your time off.

Travel Smart – Many of you will travel with your families over the festive season and in some cases cover quite long distances. This is usually a busy time on the roads so here are some things to remember: Plan ahead, take plenty of rest stops (around every 2 hours), take some healthy snacks in the car so you’re not tempted to fill up on junk from the servo, and make sure there’s entertainment in the car for any little (or big) children. Books, movies or music can do the trick.

Alcohol Intake – We all like to celebrate over the festive season, but there are ways you can enjoy a few drinks whilst avoiding a boxing day hangover. Alternate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water and eat plenty of food during the day/night so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach. A small amount of self control will lead to more fun with the family!

Common sense – One of the biggest reasons for a trip to the emergency room or to see one of our osteopaths/chiropractors over the festive season is Mums and Dads trying out their awesome new scooter or trampoline that Santa delivered, forgetting they aren’t as nimble and flexible as they were when they were 10 years old. Leave the new toys to the kids and if you are going to try out their new toys, do so sensibly and without a beer in your hand!

Most of all enjoy the time you get to spend together and enjoy making memories that you can all laugh about next Christmas!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Body Of Life, stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you all soon in 2015.


Article written by Dr Josh Murphy (Chiropractor)