Snack Ideas For Kids Lunchboxes

Weather it’s for school or preschool, childcare or play dates, car trips or holidays, kids need nutritious, healthy snacks that provide energy fr play, nutrients for growth and development as well as being yummy and appealing. Try and make food choices that are whole, unpackaged and nutritious.

Some Snack Ideas For Kids Lunchboxes:

  • Back your own muffins, cakes and slices
  • Home made muesli bars (nut free for school lunch boxes)
  • Veggie sticks and dip
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Low fat yoghurt (watch the sugar content)
  • Fruit and Fruit salad
  • Crackers (watch the salt and fat content)
  • Mini sushi
  • Fruit and veggie slinky’s and curls (eg using a vegetable peeler)

Tips for making snacks interesting:

  • Cut foods into interesting shapes. Get creative with cookie cutters and moulds
  • Use containers with multiple compartments, kids love having little bits and pieces to eat
  • Making your own snacks is great as you know what ingredients they are eating and you can make them to your kids taste. For example, carrot and zucchini or banana and sultana muffins can be frozen and popped into the lunchbox to defrost for recess.
  • Get the kids involved in making their own snack, whether its helping to bake the muffins, cutting up the fruit or grating the cheese and carrot, kids love helping and eating what they’ve made.
  • Pack lunchboxes the night before, it’s much easier to be creative when you have time.


Written by Danielle Dive (Nutritionist and Dietitian)