As summer approaches, the days are getting warmer, bbqs with friends and lazy days at the beach are just around the corner. It’s a great time to start shaking off the cobwebs of winter and getting fit and healthy. I find it much easier to eat healthier in summer as I am less likely to feel like comfort food. Salads, grilled meats and fish and seasonal fruits and vegies are much more appealing.

Gearing Up for Summer - How to Lose Those Extra Kilos

Gearing Up for Summer – How to Lose Those Extra Kilos

Below are some easy tips to help you start losing those extra kilos gained through winter or just get back on track.
  1. Start exercising! With longer days and warmer evenings it’s easier to find some time to get out and get active!
  2. Swap heavy wintery meals like casseroles and stews for lighter alternatives such as grilled meat and fish with salad.
  3. When eating out, choose entree sized dishes to cut down on calories.
  4. Watch your portions! To learn about portion sizes of foods and how much you should be eating check out The Australian Dietary Guidelines here
  5. Eat foods in season. Summer brings an abundance of beautiful fruits and vegetables to incorporate in your daily eating plan
  6. Watch the extras! Summer means more socialising, but be mindful of the extra calories that can be easily consumed through nibbles, desserts and drinks such as alcohol and soft drinks
  7. Make sure you are eating 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables each day. An easy way to do this is to swap packaged snack foods for a piece of fruit or vegie sticks
  8. Get the whole family involved. Whether it’s helping to cook the evening meal, enjoying a fruit filled smoothie for morning tea or starting a vegie patch, setting a good example is the key to having a healthy family and a healthy life!Article written by Danielle Dive (APD)
The information and tips provided in this article are general recommendations. If you have specific health conditions or wish to discuss anything in more detail please make an appointment with APD Danielle Dive on 94533046.