Dr Kristy Buist - Director Body of Life (Osteopath)

Dr Kristy Buist – Director Body of Life (Osteopath)

Dr Kristy Buist is a Founding Director at Body of Life Health Centre – she is not currently taking new patients.

She has always genuinely wanted to help people live their healthiest life, and this led to her discovery and love of Osteopathy. Kristy has extensive experience treating elite athletes from various sporting codes and loves to see her clients perform their best at all times.

She is well known for her diagnostic skills, guiding her clients with the best management plan and her strong hands! Kristy will ask the tough questions and enquire about obstacles because she sees the potential in each of her clients to live a healthy and fulfilling life. She loves to educate and inform you so that know how to move forward.

Kristy seems to have more hours in each day and days in the week than the rest of us!  She is a mother of two energetic boys, has completed a Functional Nutritional course at Changing Habits, trains at Cross Fit regularly and still manages to socialise, cook from scratch at home and run the business.

She really is a superstar!