be YOUnique!

be YOUnique!

…discover the importance of self worth and self acceptance for your mental health.

 October is Mental Health Month in NSW …to coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10th so be be…YOUnique!

This year’s theme is about valuing our strengths and differences…

 So how do you rate your Mental Health? Do you experience:

  • Times of sadness or despair and have thoughts of suicide
  • Ongoing nightmares and sleeping difficulties
  • Fear, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, hearing voices
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Angry out of control outbursts
  • Use of drugs/alcohol/self harm/risk taking/sex/relationships/work/food/money to cope

These are just some signs that our mental health may need a professional check-up.

There are many types of support and treatments available to ease suffering.

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Article by Larrainne Hilton (Counsellor/Psychotherapist)