Water is an essential nutrient that, unlike other nutrients, is not stored and must be consumed each day. The general recommendation is 6-8 glasses/day. Water is the best fluid source, however other fluid examples include milk, juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks.  

It is important to note that requirements do change for a number of reasons or groups of people, including children, breastfeeding mothers, the weather, physical activity and the temperature and humidity of where you live.

Here’s 7 tips to increase your water intake:

  1. Ensure you carry a water bottle where ever you go
  2. Buy a bottle that can be re-used and is BPA free
  3. Add lime, lemon or orange wedges for taste if you don’t like the taste of water
  4. Keep a jug and glass on your desk at work, make sure you have a glass every hour
  5. Avoid high sugar high calorie drinks as they are considered empty calories. You are consuming high amounts of calories without being filled up and without any nutrient value
  6. Try sparkling water if you find water too bland, choose low sodium brands
  7. Add ice blocks or freeze your water bottle so it stays cold throughout the day

(Note, these are general recommendations. If you have any health concerns please contact your GP. If you would like to ask any questions or would like an individualised diet assessment and plan you can book an appointment with dietitian Danielle Dive (APD) on 02 9453 3046)

Article written by Danielle Dive (APD)