Kate is a Kiwi and recently decided to come to our wonderful country to expand her horizons.  She loves Sydney life, particularly being able to explore our wonderful city and discover beaches where she can indulge her love of Scuba Diving and keeping active.  She absolutely loves high energy activity and you will often find her in the gym but she also loves discovering new cafes and restaurants so has a balanced approach to her life!

In her capacity as an Osteopath Kate believes that when we injure ourselves or have ongoing or debilitating pain we tend to lose our confidence in our bodies and our ability to perform certain tasks.  She loves helping clients regain that confidence in their bodies and get back into activities they once enjoyed or helping them to perform new activities that they never thought that they would!  Kate always encourages her patients to move and keep active because the simple impact of an exercise or stretch can make recovery time so much shorter.

Her favourite motto is “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”  – Theodore Roosevelt.  Something we should all do!