Bronte Beck (Nutritionist)

Bronte Beck (Nutritionist)

Bronte is a fantastic addition to the Team at Body of Life as our new Nutritionist.  She loves seeing the positive impacts her clients can experience from implementing just a few dietary and lifestyle changes into their lives and her mission is really to teach people that healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult!

Her favourite way to exercise has always been walking, especially when it’s with her two adorable pups! She also enjoys running, reformer Pilates, and yoga too.

Her favourite way to relax she loves cooking of course! Even before she began studying Nutrition, Bronte has always loved to cook and read recipe books, and still enjoys it!

When it comes to TV and music it’s a tough one – she can’t pick favourites as she enjoys a lot of different genres of both TV and music and her favourite quote “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”